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The Accor Guide to Working In
The Entertainment Sector

Sales Process Guidance


Our recommendations on securing the best deal for your guests

Make your offer, confidently and quickly

Avoid your guests looking elsewhere by offering your best offer first time. This doesn’t have to just be about the price. Factors such as flexible cancellation and attrition terms, flexible option dates and bespoke cancellation policies are crucial to demonstrate best value. Respond to all questions on the requests to avoid additional emails.

Confidentiality and discretion need to be guaranteed and guests assured of this from the moment they make contact. Please do not ask for concert tickets or band names during the proposal phase. If the group confirms with your hotel, the agent will share the name of the band.

Requests under 8 rooms

Small group bookings deserve the attention of larger bookings as they have the same needs. Show you care and offer value such as lower than GDS rates, special billing, room type requests, etc. Hold rooms longer if possible while waiting for the Travel Manager to confirm the booking.

Make the small print part of the offer

Deposits and pre-payments before arrival are usually not possible. The tour credit card is charged one city at a time and all charges guaranteed to the master. Individuals will pay for their incidentals at check-out.

Late check-out and early check-in should be complimentary when possible.

Show you’ve thought of everything, including Force Majeure: such as allowing cancellations, damage free, if the show is cancelled due to artist illness.

Offer higher commission levels for certain agencies.

Finishing touches

When making your offer, include pictures of your suites and floor plan. Formal proposals are not usually necessary. Also include a map and directions to bus parking garages (provide pricing, contact and location if not on property and if possible).

Complimentary upgrades for select group members are often expected (the tour manager systematically and artists if possible).

Ensure you have a dedicated hotel point of contact from beginning to departure. The Sales Manager should also introduce the agent to CSM when the group is being detailed and be part of the process, from start to finish, when possible.

Room packets with rooming list need to be ready for their arrival so the group does not need to stop at the front desk.

Our recommendations on securing the best deal for your guests

On Property

A reassuring service

Give your guests a warm welcome from the start and have one person at the front desk dedicated to the group at each shift. Fulfil the rider role by working with group to organise their stay.

Show you have thought of everything by giving your group the quietest rooms, as they typically sleep during the day time. Rooms with balconies or windows that can open are usually preferable.

Groups operate on later hours to usual guests so offer late breakfast available until 1pm and late bar opening hours. Room service should be available, ideally 24-hour, although this is not essential.

Respect and discretion

Your group will rely on you to offer complete discretion throughout their stay. Give their VIPs a separate entrance and elevator where possible and respect Do Not Disturb signs on the doors.

It should go without saying to offer complimentary Wi-Fi for the group.Hotel Room


Invoices and payments

Your accounting team is a crucial part of the process. Have final folio ready within the week of departure (ideally on the day of departure). Send this to the travel agent, tour manager or tour accountant for approval before charging the card. Make sure that the final bill looks correct. If an incidental charge was not paid for by the individual guest at checkout, please inform the travel agent before charging the card on the master.

Offer an on-time commission payment within 30 days of departure. Consider paying commission on no-show fees or cancellation fees. Agents do not get paid if a tour cancels.

Extend ALL Meeting Planner points to all qualifying customers and consider extending ALL MP points to the end client (such as the tour manager) AND to the third-party agency (double dipping at your discretion).