Let us
Entertain You.

From contactless stays to wide open spaces, staying at the Fairmont Miramar – Hotel & Bungalows is a breeze, with COVID-safe accommodation for production and film crews.

  • Contactless stay in our signature bungalows (which have been very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, as guests aren’t sharing a hallway or elevator and can access their bungalows from the outside).
  • Our indoor/outdoor meeting space will be bookable again once restrictions lift – but we have lots of options for safe meetings and gatherings in the Jones room, State room and study (the last two are part of the bungalow).
  • We have been successful with hosting film shoots at the hotel given all the outdoor space we have: situated on 4.5 acres, we have the sunset terrace, the Fig Tree, pool area and Miramar gardens. Fairmont Miramar – Hotel & Bungalows is the perfect location to capture great shots beachside in So Cal.

Discover Fairmont Miramar – Hotel & Bungalows at https://www.fairmont-miramar.com/