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Evolving for a new era

Fairmont Olympic Hotel’s $25-million grand renovation commenced in January 2020, signaling the largest renovation project for the historic hotel in 40 years.

The first chapter of the project unveils a fully transformed lobby with breathtaking character that will anchor a bold social experience for guests and locals. The renovation extends to all key event spaces, setting the perfect stage for momentous celebrations. Debuting in 2021, the subsequent chapters of the project will showcase a new culinary flagship and modern classic bar that promise to deliver a new vision of Seattle luxury.

The Olympic tapped Spanish design studio Lázaro Rosa-Violán (LRV) will create a vision and interior design for the hotel which will celebrate its storied grandeur with a lush new vision of Seattle luxury. The space concept will present a strong sense of narrative with subtle reference to classic themes, textures, and materials. Parts of the hotel will be restored to their original state and some artifacts repurposed with a new life. 

Working in tandem with LRV, Parker-Torres Design Inc. designed the meeting rooms. Parker-Torres completed a $25-million renovation at the hotel in 2016, which included a total renovation of all guestrooms and corridors.

Link to latest time-lapse chapter:

 Chapter Four: Seattle’s Great Beauty, Reborn | Fairmont Olympic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Nn53pCaYcU&feature=youtu.be