Let us
Entertain You.

Congratulations to the museum team on this incredible article detailing the opening exhibition for 21c Chicago.

‘This We Believe’, which opened February 4, is 21c Chicago’s blistering inaugural salvo, marking the arrival of our own museum hotel with more than a little shock and awe. Now re-opened after the quarantine, it is a stunning vision that could not be more contemporary with the storm this country is weathering, a social uprising pressure-cooked in a pandemic. Dispel any notion of hotel art as a soothing color for the bleary-eyed traveler en route from airport to minibar, 21c Museum Hotel’s galleries have a mission that includes as much provocation as its level of service as a community cultural center. “The art is not decorative,” says chief curator Alice Gray Stites. “Art has a very strong role to play in nurturing a sense of community, healing people, and starting conversations that can shape that community—and by extension our culture. We want everyone who walks through the door to feel welcome, inspired, challenged, and represented.”